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The Times Union Center continually reviews its security systems and procedures. As a result of these ongoing reviews, and with the goal of continuing to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our guests, tenants, and co-workers, the Center has added numerous procedures and security measures to its existing comprehensive security program.

Some of these additions will be visible to guests, including an increased presence of security and law enforcement, while others will go unnoticed. All changes have been implemented as normal, permanent operating procedure.

Guests attending Times Union Center events are advised that bags, backpacks, luggage, coolers, parcels, briefcases, and like articles will be strictly prohibited from the facility. Further, no knives of any kind will be allowed, nor will any weapon of any kind be permitted on the premises.

All guests will be subject to search, at the Times Union Center's discretion, of their person and/or possessions (including women's handbags of normal size, which may be allowed entry after such search). Patrons with prohibited articles will be turned away at the entrances, and no storage or "check-in area" will be provided for such items.

Enforcement will be without exceptions. Center management is confident that these added precautions are prudent and will be welcomed and understood by our guests.